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Get your position right

The correct bike fit is essential to ensure you maintain the most comfortable position over a sustained period of time. Along with being more comfortable the correct bike fit will also make you more efficient, avoid injury and finally faster!

If you are embarking on investing in a new bike (which wont be cheap), then why not ensure you are investing in the right size bike. You may already have your own bike and want to make sure you are getting the best out of your bike and training. Bike size is NOT just about your height; there are many factors to determine the optimum position.

The advice and information I provide is from a life time of being involved in the sport, the knowledge and advice I provide is from spending more than 30 years on the bike training or racing, I have raced at various levels including professional for several years.

Even before I took to a bike I was around cycling due to my Father racing as a professional for over 15 years. I enjoy nothing more than passing this knowledge and experience to other cyclist so that can get the best out of their own cycling.

Bike fitness test

  • Via Roma will provide a bike fitness test to determine your current fitness
  • Provide feedback in a friendly format that is easy to understand
  • Explain the use of various equipment such as Power Metres, Pulse Monitors and FTP
  • Use the data to formulate a coaching plan that is unique to the individual, also taking into consideration personal circumstances such as work and family commitments

Coaching plan

  • 6 week tailored Training plan that is unique to the individual
  • Regular communication to determine your still on track or needs amending accordingly
  • Face to Face consultation during the period to help with motivation
  • Advice provided as and when needed
  • On the bike advice (where possible, this will be dependent on location and availability)
  • Lactate tests can be provided on request (additional cost applies, ask for details)

The Via Roma Bike Fit and Test Zone Session...

The entire session can take up to 4 hours and is very personal and considered an appraisal of the individual’s cycling physiology, technique and alignment. Every aspect of your bike position as an individual is evaluated and perfected.

Who should get a bike fit and test?

If you are considering buying a new bike and want to ensure that your bike will fit you perfectly after investing a large sum of money, this is key for you. Bike fit will prevent you ending up with an unnecessary injury or general discomfort and inefficiencies, whilst riding. You maybe looking to embark on a cycle challenge and need advice on where you are with you fitness and what do you need to do to ensure you are in the best possible shape to tackle what is ahead.

You may be looking at where you are with your fitness and what you need to do to ensure you are in the best possible shape to tackle what is ahead.

New to Biking?

A comment that we hear repeatedly is, “Am I good enough for a bike fit”? Or more depressingly, “You only work with racers and professionals”. The answer is NO!

If you are considering taking up cycling as a sport it’s important that you and your bike work together in harmony. It makes cycling more fun and prevents injury and discomfort.

Cycling is a fantastic and highly addictive sport, the equipment, culture, speed and fitness are all hard to resist once sampled. Moreover, cycling is entirely a non-impact and linear sport (if undertaken properly), it has recently become a safe home for those that have suffered injuries in other sports such as Squash, Tennis, Rugby, Soccer and Running, to name but a few.

In summary, the session will establish an accurate baseline position to optimize efficiency on an existing bike or on our static equipment. After completion of the individual training plan you will be invited back after 6 weeks to undergo a test to see if everything that has been put in place has worked for you.

We believe if you follow all the advice there is every opportunity you will see noticeable differences to your health and fitness

The Via Roma Bike Fit and Test Zone includes:

  • A basic physical assessment (Back/Hamstring/Hip-Flexors)
  • Optimum leg-extension - Saddle Height
  • Optimum Saddle Setback - Knee-over-pedal
  • Optimum Crank Length
  • Optimum Bar Width
  • Handlebar position - Reach and Drop from saddle to bars
  • Cleat and Leg alignment
  • FTP Test
  • Analysis of the test in an easy to understand format
  • Training zones determined
  • Coaching plan formulated to the individual
  • Options of tools available and explained such as power meters and pulse monitors
  • Regular ongoing support and feedback
  • Re-Test after 6 weeks (this will be an additional fee of £50)
  • Lactate Testing can also be provided for an additional cost of £80


What is the difference between a physical assessment and bike fitness test?
A physical assessment is to ascertain flexibility and body motion, a fitness test is a 45 minute physical test on a static bike to determine current fitness levels in order to advise on future training, or to help create your first training plan.

  • Initial Bike Fit and Physical assessment £80.00
  • Bike Fit, Physical assessment, Bike Fitness test, feedback to support training and objectives £140.00
  • Bike Fit, Physical assessment, Bike Fitness test and 6 week personal coaching plan – £220.00

The studio is located in Frome (Somerset).

Book now for late October 2018

Additional Costs on request £80 for Lactate Test and £50 Fitness re-test after 6 weeks.
Bookings now being taken from the end of October 2018. Further note; 10% discount to all Armed Forces.

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